He develops research on the mutual effects that human beings and environmental change have generated at different spatial and temporal scales. It studies the “pulses” of occupation and the periods of abandonment, the large-scale mobility of hunter-gatherers and the emergence of relatively closed systems, the role of biogeographic barriers and the interaction between local groups and creole-livestock groups. The knowledge produced by this line of scientific research constitutes a base to build the narratives that nurture the conception of regional material heritage.

The line has been organized into three thematic lines: (a) Human Paleoecology, (b) Evolution of the rural landscape, (c) Heritage Education

a) Thematic line “Human Paleoecology”

Objective (s): i) To evaluate the links between human and environmental dynamics throughout the Holocene in the steppe area and the Aisen steppe forest transition through the integration of archaeological data and environmental files. ii) document the antiquity of human presence in the region and the evolution of archaeological trajectories during the Holocene.

Expected Results: Determination of the links between the human trajectories of occupation and the evolution of the ecosystems of the Aysen steppe forest transition.

Manager: Dr. César Méndez

b) Thematic line "Evolution of the rural landscape"

Objective (s): i); Evaluate the evolution of the recent settlement of Aysén in its archaeological context. Ii) Study the relationships between different historical agents, recognizing their role in the trajectories of space occupation.

Expected Results: Determination of the human trajectories of recent occupation of Aysén based on their sources of origin.

Responsible: Dra. Amalia Nuevo Delaunay

c) Thematic line "Heritage Education"

Objective (s): i) coordinate actions for the dissemination and protection of regional heritage; ii) generate an active link with the cultural agents of the local communities to promote regional archeology.

Expected results
Documentation and permanent monitoring of the regional archaeological record to promote its evaluation and knowledge and prevent its destruction.
Responsible: Dra. Amalia Nuevo Delaunay and Dr. César Méndez

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